Listen - Think - Act, and this in an agile/iterative way.  That is how we are working...

Our three step approach is designed to give you great bang for your buck. No need to throw budget around and see if it resonates. We believe that effective communications are two-way and that we listen to your needs before acting.

U&S consult is a connected company (virtual company)

We work with multidisciplinary experts (T-Shape profiles) from our broad network to get you the right and very best people for the job. The expertise in our network contains very specific types of knowledge, national or international, individuals or companies, acting on a junior or senior level.

We prefer result based work, but we can also work project based or time based (time&material).  If we’re working project based, we’re at our best with an agile approach.

Based on the objectives we develop a custom approach & specific team to deliver these business objectives with the appropriate time to market.

The casting of a project is very important and first phase of any successful project.  Our consultants and partner-company’s (connected company’s) are able to work as part of a team or on a temporary basis to support your project(s) and your objectives.